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Johanna and Rune are an insanely cute Finnish-Norwegian couple. They've travelled and lived all around for eight years, but have now settled in Helsinki. Rune really fell for Finland during their Summer visits here. He's a model and photographer and she's a physiotherapist and an instagrammer. She kind of wants them to move back to Oslo. They have a son who's three months old and currently makes for their hobby. Not in a weird way but the kind that with a baby, there isn't really time for hobbies.

Johanna and Rune were incredible. They were so welcoming, so nice and insanely cute - as you can see. I sometimes send out little tips on what to wear but I had an inkling these two wouldn't need it and I was right. They looked perfect. Very grateful for meeting and getting to shoot these two.

These two were so lovely and welcoming and amazing and I'm so glad I got to shoot them.

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